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The recipes are organized into the sections below:

BREAKFAST-LIKE! (I’m no judge!)


SNACK-Y! (Though all things can be snacks!)


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Ingredient Substitutions:

Note: These are merely ideas. I have not tested all of them for all the recipes. They may not be 1:1 substitutes. Generally, substitutions work better for muffins and cakes than in cookies. Be aware of the texture of your batter. Experiment at your own risk (or enjoyment)!

Apple sauce: I like using apple sauce because it works a bit like oil and a bit like sugar, but switching things up is always good too. I’d recommend trying banana, yogurt, avocado, nut butter, or even silken tofu as 1:1 apple sauce replacements if you’ve run out or don’t want to use apple sauce. If you’d rather use oil, try replacing the apple sauce with half the amount of oil and adding another date or other sugar source.

Fats: Butter ↔ any oil ↔ yogurt ↔ sour cream ↔ buttermilk ↔ ricotta ↔ tahini ↔ nut butter ↔ applesauce

Flours: All purpose ↔ wheat ↔ oat ↔ rye ↔ spelt ↔ almond ↔ corn ↔ buckwheat ↔ teff ↔ quinoa ↔ cassava ↔ garbanzo beans/chickpeas ↔ beans ↔ peas ↔ lentils ↔ sweet potato

Binders: Eggs ↔ flax seeds + water ↔ tofu ↔ nuts

Sugar: Granulated sugar ↔ molasses ↔ maple syrup ↔ bananas ↔ dates ↔ beets ↔ carrots ↔ date syrup ↔ applesauce

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