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Road Bike Everest 2021

This was an adventure. I remember six months ago when I was like “why would anyone do that,” and I remember a month and a half ago when I wasn’t sure I’d be able to physically do it, and that’s why I decided to try. So excited for more long events hopefully in the running world! I made a video for this one that covers most of my prep and nutrition plan as well.

Here’s a list of some of the supplies I used:

Some lingering thoughts in the days after…

The Everest was pretty fun. It was so nice to think about doing nothing else that day. It was a bit annoying that my phone spazzed and I had to keep tapping the screen every 3 minutes to keep Strava open and couldn’t change the music that was stuck on Taylor Swift slow song repeats, but really I can’t complain. The wind never got too bad, the sun was shining (I sunburnt the tops of my hands!), and a couple people came and rode some laps with me at fun points in the ride. And I totally nailed the nutrition and never felt like I was close to bonking.

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