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Tofu Split Pea Thai Curry

I love this recipe because it uses half the Thai curry jar and half a can of coconut milk, so I can make it twice exactly (though sometimes I use the leftover coconut milk for this Turmeric Chickpea Stew or this Yellow Coconut Thai Curry).

Total time: 40 min, including chopping and split pea cooking prep. Makes dinner for 2-3 people.

Materials: Stovepot; frying pan.


  • ¼ cup dry split peas
  • 1 onion
  • 1 bell pepper
  • ½ jar (3 tbsp, 2 oz) Kitchen Thai Red Curry paste
  • Bunch of beet greens, collard greens, or another green
  • 1 pack tofu (I like Extra Firm for this)
  • ½ can coconut milk
  • Salt to taste


  1. Boil ¼ cup dry split peas (takes about 30 mins). Put up a pot of rice or other side.
  2. Sauté in frying pan: 1 onion, 1 bell pepper in olive oil and ½ jar Kitchen Thai Red Curry paste (about 3 tablespoons or 2 oz) for about 5 mins.
  3. Add beet greens, collard greens, or another green and sauté another few mins. If necessary, add some water to let the greens steam a bit with the lid on.
  4. Chop 1 pack tofu into pieces and add. Sauté the tofu until slightly browned. Add mushy split peas. Add ½ can coconut milk (make sure to shake/stir it!) and salt to taste.
  5. Cook on low for another 5-10 minutes. Enjoy with rice or another side!

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One response to “Tofu Split Pea Thai Curry”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    It turned out fantastic! Thank you!

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