snowy mountain


I’ve been working on some poetry and thought I’d share some with you all (each color is a separate poem).

When I open the bathroom door

The love rays of your eyes

Break through the mist of shower litter

And hit me


As that deadly fire


As our sudden blisters


As our healed calluses

But welcome as winter’s glittering rain.

Darkness falls

A bird sings its final notes

Rain patters.

Head on a pillow lies a boy:

His arms enfold a girl

Whose last blue tear           


Taking with it worries

From them both.

You bring out in me

A gentle desire to live

To share and enjoy the

Commonplace things

That would otherwise be


Rejecting you tastes

Sweet as sherry

Topping dinner.

Your offer put so


Was more sour

Than the sourest grape.

In the morning light

You are

My baby

Green as a spinach sprout

Naively poking out

The heavy soil.

In the coming nights

Do not let rust

Eat through your leaves

Before your bunch has punched

The fresher air.

So blind to

The natural world

That lies beyond the glass window

Of your study.

But your very existence depends upon

That world’s ability to

Drink, and feast, and delight.

You’re sticky

You will be sweet,

When we’re done.

Right now you’re tan, polished

As my skin After a hot day in the sun.

Sore throat

Aching knees

Goodness, again?

Mind, body Which is pleased?

Greetings from our kitchen!

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